Isn't It Time You Own A Successful Home

Based Business Making Your Own Rules

While Earning What You Want?.......With No

"Boss" To Answer To Either?

I Will Coach You 1 On 1 To Do Just That

Starting NOW!

   I've Got All The Proof---- Which Means Hype Is Out Of The Equation Anywhere (and Everywhere) On This Website

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How Would Earning £128.16 A Day For Just 3 Hours


Without A Job Change Your Daily Lifestyle?

You Can Easily Do This

Allow Me To Show YOU How Your Life Will Be

And How Simple It Is To Achieve.

(And the best part're going to have a professional team leader closing all your sales for you on your behalf........he get's a one-time 20% commission bonus as a direct result of the sale he just closed for you.......doesn't get much better than that trust me (especially online)

"I'm nobody special. I'm no better than you... you're no better than me. I just finally understand how to make money from home - and coach you to do the same if you qualify"

If you're looking for a leader - someone to lead you to your success - it's a great thing you're here.

If you're looking to become a leader - you're at the right place.

If you're already a leader - great! Let's make a ton of money.

Point being -- no matter who you are, together we can make some great money.

I started trying to work from home when I was 20. I've been doing this for nearly a decade (10 years). Throughout the past 8+ years I've found myself in nearly 30 opportunities, riding a dead horse everytime getting deeper and deeper in debt -- more and more discouraged. Heck, I was dropping baskets of Popcorn Chicken for a living for Colonel Sanders (KFC)

(Yes KFC was my employer year's ago.....NOW i do what I want to do & I make my OWN rules :)

If I accept you into my coaching, I'm giving you my 100% (my personal phone & email access so you never get stuck), and you can use my story for FREE.Just Plug into it. Let the story behind my website that I give you do the selling. Then once you have success, let's make your own website. Get your name out there -- brand yourself! That's when you know you've truly made it. You can rest with peace of mind knowing that you finally have your success story and can find success in any and all of your future endeavors.

Take a minute, maybe two... however long it takes to really think about this and process this..

Just 8+ years ago I was working in KFC for £1000 per month. I now know how to average twice that a DAY. Today. I'm showing you the lifestyle you can live.

By now you should have hope for your near future. I'm no genius, I'm no one special. I just latched onto someone else a few short years back to find how real success is easily achieved and I'm here to do the same for you. It works. It is exactly why i am talking to you right now.

I tried anything and everything because I saw the vision in a home based business and I saw a future of time and financial freedom for myself.

Through my trial and error in my early years, I have found what works and what doesn't. Fortunately for you, this takes you out of the learning curve. My successful coaching is in place for you - all you have to determine is how quickly you want your success, and how large you want it to be. I eliminated everything that failed me in my early years... so you don't have to waste all that time and money like I did.

I work two to three hours a day. That means at bare minimum, my system will contact about 200-250 serious minded buyers desperate for my 1 to 1 coaching without talking to annoying time wasters or tire kickers. I will teach you how to do the same....easily. This is how you "play & win online" and never loose---- forget that!

Please Note: I only share my personal daily success strategies to 42 new people per month to guard my time each month for serious minded people & the opportunity to partner me personally 1 to 1 in my Fast Online Coaching *hence the name of my website*

Only 42 New Applicatins Will Be Accepted This 


-- Real Time Data: This Month slots are closing FAST! usual--
P.S. My Leads & Coaching is for serious entrepreneurs looking for real online success

PS: This has NOTHING to do with MLM or network marketing, although i do use a similar term that industry uses i.e "recruit" for a different reason as you will read about below.

Dear, Home Business Seeker OR Current Business Owner,

When you try to build your home business by annoying your family, friends and work mates - which is what's taught in most "how to" books and cd's - then you are relying primarily on luck to succeed.

And relying on luck is the primary reason why 98% of all home business owners fail . . . even the ones who set good goals and work hard. But when you apply the powerful and time-proven strategies and tactics that are taught in my Fast Online Coaching System:


" How To Build A Large Business Rapidly & Easily...Starting Right Now! "
--- then you put the odds of success in your favor.



I have I've been involved in the home business industry for over 8+ years as a resale rights owner, trainer and fast online coach in this industry.

Trust me -- it's gotta be easy! I'm a 29 year old, ex-college student Well... not anymore. I'm gonna show you how simple this really is. I'm gonna show you how quickly it is to earn a second income. I'm going to get you excited about that long needed vacation... with a tidy amount of spending money to go with you on each vacation you take -- and how i plan to take a fabulous "vacation" this summer!

So, enough about me. Let's make the rest of this website about you and how I'm here to help you cash in on all the money to be made online (and offline!)

I can take anyone and quickly lead them to a great second weekly income, but you have to be willing to work at it with me. I have a phenomenal training website where I would charge almost £700 for access. You get it totally FREE by qualifying in my coaching (book & audios included). This is your personal guide to success in not just in my biz, but Internet Marketing -- a multi-billion dollar industry.

I'll show you how to get your large piece of the pie in less than two months, but more importantly, how ANY newbie can do the same... even with limited computer or internet knowledge.

Follow my step by step coaching and success isn't only feasible, it's extremely easy to find. You have my help. I'll walk you by the hand (but let's run instead... it's more fun that way)


me here
Say Hi Then To Your New Coach:)
(Just chilling with a's so nice to do this as often i want knowing that i know how to build a successful home business in little's so easy for you to just copy my every step & win the game like I've learned to do!)

Point Proven?

How Does 1 to 1 Coaching From Me & 2 Millionaire's Sound?

To good to be true?........well it's not and i will show you why. If i accept you into "my world" you'll get 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching from me... something I would normally charge £35 an hour for. Time and knowledge is priceless. While £35/hr seems like a lot, it's a drop in the bucket considering how drastically it can change your life.

BUT, remember, if i accept you into my coaching, I charge you £0/hour - zero - zilch - nothin' - FREE! If you ask me, only a crazy person would pass that up. If you can follow a couple simple steps, be consistent, and repeat the coaching over and over, you'll find continued success. Always aim high & set high standards of achievement for yourself and believe in yourself.

A home-based business is the only way to go:

Jobs suck.

Making someone else richer is a joke.

Being told what to do and what to wear is nonsense.

Having to ASK FOR TIME OFF to take a vacation is ridiculous.

And not having the money to take/enjoy a vacation is just sad.

You should be able to head to the Florida Keys at the drop of a hat while not having to ask for time off and especially not having to worry about money. If you can't do this, why aren't you doing something to change it? Does it not frustrate you and anger you to no end!?

I know what - I know what works NOW, & everything that worked over 70 years ago. Since I'm a 'new kid on the block' I've got time to help you... I've got a marketing partner and an assistant, so between the 3 of us your questions, concerns, and support will be addressed quickly... generally within an hour or two.....we are from the UK so our time zone is different, but we sure will be with you asap!

There's nothing more frustrating than leaving a message or sending emails and not getting a response... even waiting 24 hours for a response is a discouragement. I'm here to ENCOURAGE, not discourage.

So what doesn't work?

First and foremost - 98% of network marketing companies.
A huge % of companies set up to fail their distributors by lowering their commissions, they are spread too thinly amongst too many people. It takes thousands of members to make a full time income. Most give up before they see any decent returns on their efforts--i dont blame them.

Programs over £1,000.
So you pay £2000+ to join a program. Commissions over £2000 sound great, right!? Of course they do! But how many people have nearly £2000+ laying around? Not very many. It will take you sorting through hundreds of people to find one person who has the money to do that. Odds are you spent a couple grand in marketing, lots of time, and lots of discouragement. All of a sudden £2000+ commissions don't sound too good, huh?

Low dollar programs.
With my experience, I have found that when marketing programs £120 and under efficiently, no matter the price point you'll get the same amount of customers. So if you put a little money, time, and effort into marketing -- what's better, a £120 commission or a £20 commission? Well that's a no brainer. Low price programs work well, but higher ticket items (£120 & just over) work just as well. Take the same amount of time and money, and put it into marketing a higher ticket item making it worth your time to earn a much BIGGER commission. It only makes sense; and it's a major factor in determining your success level.

I'm offering excellent coaching & leads that converts your prospects to foaming at the mouth, paying customers like crazy. This is REALLY powerful stuff -- my coaching works unbelievably well.

A good percentage of members will enroll without me ever even speaking to them. When you see money rolling in from people you've never talked to, that's a pretty sweet gig!

Some will email then take action, and you'll have some that will call you first. In the beginning I'll talk for you. What do you think will happen to your success if I talk to and convert your prospects? My coaching is about as automatic as they come, but for those that do call you first, I'll help wherever I can.

I realize that if you've never had success in a home business before it's a challenge. That first success is the hump because you have no success story -- no credibility. Once you get over the hump, you'll be greatly successful from home for the rest of your life.


If you're successful your prospects know you can help them do the same. They'll naturally join you. How can someone not successful lead someone else to success?


There are too many home business 'mentors & gurus' out there who don't have a clue about how to succeed in a home business. Many people are copying & using my coaching daily simply because it flat out works. They know how well it works for those who copy my coaching. They're jealous and they want it. So watch out for the copy cats. This is my OFFICIAL SITE.

So if you want success you've gotta latch onto someone who can make you become successful. Follow in my footsteps, use my story and my identical stratergies and you WILL find success. If there were a better way I'd know about it -- if there was a better alternative, I'd also know about it.

Those who know how to easily achieve extreme success and can lead you to's just plain old common sense at the end of the day!

There's only one reason why 98% fail in their home businesses

(Turn up speakers. Then hit the play button.)

Start Doing This Now It's Easy....Pay Off Those Bills This Week....Why Not?

Put past failures aside. You've got a 'Coach' who knows how to make you succeed once and for all and a you will see how this can work for you. Billions are being spent every year on home businesses. There is a huge market and I'm showing you how to immediately tap into it.....see if you qualify for my coaching by hitting the "Download" icon below.

Don't Opt-in to 98% of websites that offer worthless "7 day reports" just so you can be lured into some cheap crap you don't even want & proven not to work anyway....yuk!. Don't host house/hotel parties. Don't join 98% of companies out there. Those methods are no fun and too time consuming. Get away from all that noise that 98% of others are "in to", no wonder 98% of people fail, they get distracted & sucked into the next "shiny new object".....again doesn't work, wont work...yuk!

This is the day and age of passive and automatic marketing. You don't want to spend all day explaining your business. You just want to run a few affordable (or free) ads and collect money, right?

I'll lead you down the path of automated marketing that produces instant gratification of daily (and multiple) £128.16 payments directly deposited in your bank account for about 3 hours work on average -- daily.

You just need a success story to latch onto, Coaching to plug into, from that knowledgeable person. All three of which are hard to find, but I'm offering the package deal to you for FREE if you qualify into my coaching. My Coaching is all laid out for you to immediately plug into. Why reinvent the wheel? You could easily find yourself making your first £128.16 payment tomorrow....(after you have read my material, fill out your conditions of satisfaction form, and accepted into my coaching you can be starting earning the very next day)

After all, why not? if you desire it, you're going to achieve it. Your mind will never process anything you can't achieve - I'll take that one to the bank -- I'll have quite a bit there to back me up ;o)

Stop playing around and messing around with other opportunities if you don't already have one. Don't waste anymore money on anything that could even possibly lead you down another road to failure. Join me in SUCCESS, not an opportunity to fail. I value the success of anyone who puts their trust in me. If you fail I look bad. No matter what your situation is, I guarantee that just a few short years ago I was in a situation very similar to yours... if not worse.

If you want a 5-figure weekly income, then join me... if not, join someone else.

Call me and we'll talk pressure free. You're in the driver's seat of our conversation, not me.

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I put my phone number and email all over this website. I'm not hiding myself.

Ready for success? Ready to join me? Look through the rest of this                                                  site and click on "Download"

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With my mentoring and my duplicatable coaching I know you'll succeed because you don't have to wonder if it will work or not. It's time proven and helped so many people achieve quick success in this industry.

I collaborated everything that DOES work and has for over 70+ years and counting. There's A LOT more that doesn't work than does work. I've weeded through the junk for you. My training system doesn't contain what just works -- only what works extremely well. I don't want you wasting your time and money like I did. Let's get to the bottom of it -- you want to be in profits!



A few extra hundred quid can mean the difference to a great week or a crap one let's be honest. Let me help get your hands on more £'s ey?

I allow you to plug right into and use ALL my coaching materials... which i will walk you through step by step. If you get confused or have a question, send me an email or give me a call. I'll help you out.

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We can walk or run, whatever is fun for you. If you want to learn this success it is easily obtainable. I will give you detailed information as to how it can be done during your part time hour or about 3 hours of "work" per day. I hold nothing back -- no secrets here.

I'm really not trying to brag or impress - just to put my 'money where my mouth is'. I don't do hype - I just tell it how it is... nothing more, nothing less.

Call me anytime. I won't pressure you or try to sell you anything you don't need. Either you'll love it or leave it.


Just some fun stuff :)

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Hands down, you're gonna love it.

People will want my Fast Online Coaching daily regardless of if you do or not... I don't need to 'pressure sell'. I'll just be real with you, shoot straight, tell you how it's going for me, and answer any questions you have. You're in the driver's seat of our conversation - not me. It's great to be able to call a real person who's really doing it and talk in a laid back, no pressure manner where you make your decision in the end -- not someone else. That's what I'm here to do.

So click on "Download" below & in 20 seconds from now you will obtain part 1 of my book & your conditions of satisfaction form, then get the whole copy FREE if you qualify into my Fast Online Coaching System:


" How To Build A Large Business Rapidly & Easily...Starting Right Now! "
--- then you put the odds of success in your favor.

Only 42 New Applicatins Will Be Accepted This 


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P.S. My Leads & Coaching is for serious entrepreneurs looking for real online success

-- Real Time Data: My 42 Monthly 2015 slots are closing FAST!.....don't miss out--

Bottom Line: I teach people how to make money. Period!


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